Sunday, May 29, 2011

"A 'Date' With Innovation" The BluePrintHIT Innovation Summit Series

Last week, the senior management of was in Philadelphia for a "date", actually for ten dates, with hospitals and health systems on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation. How does a healthcare IT start-up arrange ten 15-minute "dates" with such prestigious institutions such as Beth Israel Deaconess, Penn Medicine, Saint Barnabas, Geisinger, Christiana, CentraState, MainLine Health, Bucktail Medical Center and others? It is easy! Simply create a world-changing healthcare start-up, like, apply to BluePrintHIT's Innovation Summit with dozens of other innovators and hope that you are one of the ten innovative companies chosen from the applicants. If you are chosen, you then have the opportunity for ten 15-minute "dates" with hospitals that are actively seeking innovative solutions. 

Let me explain, BluePrintHIT teamed up with perennial change agents Wil Yu from the ONC and John Moore from Chilmark Research and created a world-class advisory board to bring innovators and hospitals together with the intent of generating real pilots, contracts and healthcare change. Now when I say world class advisory panel, I mean world-class! From the relatively unknown John Halamka ;-) to other CIO, Entrepreneur and academic healthcare leaders, BluePrint has assembled a team of dedicated experts committed to spreading healthcare innovations into practice. Let's not forget BluePrintHIT's incredible team of Mike Squires, Mark Stevens, Rebecca Goldberg and the indefatigable Pam Kaur, all lead by the genius of Vikas Khosla- with the powerful mission to facilitate the adoption healthcare technologies by healthcare institutions. Kudos, to the team!

As for any good "date", there was a lot of preparation: Who are they?; Where are they from?; What could we possibly have in common?; Am I sure about this? LOL!

And, like many "dates" there was a bit of sacrifice: We are driving how far? How much time do we need away? Do I have a baby-sitter? and How much is all of this going to cost?? (We went "dutch" and split the bill ;-). 

Finally, there are the concerns…What if they just don't 'get us'? ; What if they don't like us?; What if they DO?; How do I look?; Anything in my teeth?? And, like most "dates", all of this was needless worry and it all went just fine- heck, it was quite enjoyable even :-)

The general premise of the BluePrintHIT Innovation Summit Series is to bring 10 innovative healthcare IT start-ups together with ten innovative healthcare systems. These companies all enjoy a couple of groundwork-laying sessions about how pilot programs may be structured, expectation setting and progressing through next steps. Throw in a success story or two and everyone is ready to begin looking for a match of their own. Five 15-minute sessions with five "dates" passes quickly and soon it is time for lunch, after which we have five more "dates". At the end of all of the speed-dating, preferences are prioritized and the "super-secret, highly accurate BluePrint algorithms" are employed to find the two best matches for each innovator and healthcare system. This leads to two 30-minute sessions or follow-up "dates" to get to know each other better, decide if there may be a fit and to plan the next steps.

Like this overview video shows:

I am happy to say that they LOVED us! And the feelings were mutual :-) We were matched with two very progressive healthcare systems and look forward to exploring the possibilities of working together with both of them. In true entrepreneur style, we also "got the digits" of a couple of other attractive institutions with a promise to "give them a call sometime" and look forward to doing just that. Without a doubt we would participate again and can highly recommend that any interested innovators and healthcare systems not hesitate, to apply to, and to attend these events…Innovators must remember that you may ONLY be selected for ONE of the summits in the series. Progressive healthcare institutions and systems would be well advised to sponsor and participate in this event…if truly serious about innovation in your organizations.

A heartfelt  "Thank You!!" to all of the organizers, participants and, especially, our "dates" at this inaugural BluePrintHIT Innovation Summit. We cherish our participation in this summit, relish the thoughts of future business relationships and heartily endorse the concept of Healthcare IT start-ups "playing the field" to find suitable partners for sharing our innovations. So check out the BluePrintHIT Innovation Summit Series which is coming soon to the Mid-West and the West Coast, if the Mid-Atlantic Summit was any indicator of future success- You'd better put the date for your "dates" on the calendar ASAP!

If this TweetReach Report is any indicator...This is going to catch on!

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