Monday, March 1, 2010

HIMSS, and the HIMSS10 Health IT Venture Fair- A Review

The HIMSS10 Health IT Venture Fair was held on Sunday February 28, 2010 at the 2010 HIMSS conference in Atlanta. The event was possible due to invaluable assistance from Blank Rome, LLP and Howard Burke’s Health Law, LLC. The organizer for the show was Deborah Caruso and she did an awesome job! The event location was beautifully laid out, the morning program was informative and the new company showcase was exciting.
Held in the remote outpost of C307 at HIMSS, the event attracted a wonderful blend of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and media. The day began with a continential breakfast enjoyed during presentations on “Building Your Health IT Business” with topics such as: 
“Challenges and Creative Ideas from the Entreprenuer’s and Investor’s perspective” with an expert panel including Ned Moore, David St.Clair, Rick Toren, Jonathan Phillips, Richard Davis, Beth Cohen, Kristi Remmington and moderated by Howard Burke;
“Key Business and Legal Issues in Building a Healthcare IT Business” moderated by John Shire, and with panelists Simmi Singh, Jim Gibson, Doug Friel, Jennifer Daniels and Lenard Marcus” and, lastly, “Raising Early Stage Capital -What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know” with panelists Patti Weber, Nina Saczuk, Jim Wiseman, Bob McHugh, Rick Berberman and Stephen Krupa, once again hosted by John Shire.
The Lunch Program featured a one on one discussion between John Shire and the the Office of the National Coordinator’s Wil Yu. This discussion focused on the new transparency of the ONC, ways for entrepreneurs to interact with the ONC and some great insights about the missions and objectives of the ONC. As with the rest of the program, it was a great addition to the day and, personally, it was nice to meet such a great slate of speakers that we look forward to continuing dialogue with after HIMSS.
Twenty-one companies were selected to present during the afternoon program and was pleased to be one of them. Multiple ten minute presentations were done in succession and presenters then left the room to meet with potential investors, partners, customers and media. The amazing array of possible solutions to pressing problems in healthcare was refreshing to see, wonderful to hear and even better to be a part of. The hosts were gracious, the sponsors appropriate and the attendees were insightful and participated in meaningful ways.
The HIMSS10 Health IT Venture fair was a success, hundreds were in attendance and the consensus was it was an excellent way to begin HIMSS10. offers a well earned ‘thank you’ and ‘kudos’ to the events organizers, sponsors, presenters, panelists, attendees and all presenting companies. We were proud to be selected to participate and present, and we look forward to next year’s event!
Now off to HIMSS10 for the Monday opening day, we hope to see you there! has a booth, #3606,  on 3/1/10 ONLY! in building “C”- come on down and say “Hi.”  We look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories :-) CEO, Matthew Browning, is available for discussions, interviews and meetings- email for more info- THANKS!!

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