Thursday, December 4, 2008

How Came To Be

As a Registered Nurse supervisor, I was often responsible for replacing callouts for the next shift or two. Sometimes, this is an easy task- someone has requested an extra shift and you can just make a single phone call. More often, however, it involved numerous phone calls, working from a paper list with no information except the nurse's name, date of hire and phone numbers. After many phone calls, to nurses who are not available, we may or may not have located an appropriate nurse for the shift. This lead myself, and countless others, to declare "There has got to be a better way". There wasn't. So we created it.

In nursing school we learned a mnemonic for the nursing process - ADPIE- Assessment, Diagnosis, Plan, Implement and Evaluate. It works well with people, so we tried it here.

Assessment- Making phone calls one-at-a-time is inefficient. We do not know who is available, we leave unanswered messages, we call wrong/disconnected numbers, we waste HUGE amounts of time and we bother many nurses who are off for the day.

Diagnosis- The use of only a telephone, manually calling one nurse at a time, is 19th century technology being applied to a 21st century problem. With our increased demand for nurses, a shortage of qualified nurses, an increasingly mobile workforce and advances in technology- We need a technology that is faster, more efficient and can save time while increasing revenues.

Plan- Make a better mousetrap- could we use the Internet to our advantage? Could advances in Internet telephony help us? Could we use a database that is continuously updated by us and/or the nurses? Could we increase our odds of contacting the right nurse by using email, text and instant message in addition to just phone calls? And, finally, could we make this easy to use, extremely fast and affordable?

Intervention- We invented the Intelliblast™ Internet-based, patent-pending, intelligent communications platform which allows for targeted, instant communications with the right people, right now. uses the IntelliBlast™ system to match the proper, available health care provider with your shift need; then contacts that provider on ANY communications device of THEIR choosing- phone, pda, cellphone, pager, computer, etc.  The provider may then RESPOND immediately to this contact and the system will log the response. If the response is to accept the shift, the IntelliBlast™ system AUTOMATICALLY confirms with your provider and notifies the agency and/or facility that the nurse has been confirmed.

Evaluation- Our alpha-tester response has been overwhelmingly positive. can make the 25-30 calls, that a good scheduler can make in one hour, in under five minutes. For about five bucks. If you have a full-time equivalent making eight hours of phone calls- can make those same calls in less than forty minutes. Our alpha-testers have found that they can use this extra time to manage more nurses, prospect for more business, create and manage new marketing campaigns, collect accounts receivable, and grow their businesses much more efficiently. During our transition from Alpha product to commercial Beta we look forward to helping our clients fill shifts faster, manage nurse communications more efficiently, save money and increase revenues. This Evaluation process is ongoing and refinements and improvements to the system will continue.

Please feel free to visit to learn more about how we can help your healthcare facility or nurse agency to more efficiently manage your communication needs.

Thank You and Peace, 

Matthew Browning-CEO
Targeted Instant Communications, Inc.
YNIO division

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