Wednesday, November 3, 2010 and Pecha Kucha - Interconnectivity as a Way of Life CEO Matthew Browning will be presenting "Interconnectivity" in New Haven, CT at Bentara Restaurant on Wednesday November 3rd at 6pm as part of the Pecha Kucha Event. Pecha Kucha means "chit chat" and is a presentation formatted with 20 slides presented for 20 seconds each slide. "Chit chat" is as is as ancient and traditional as "Interconnectivity" between humans; Pecha Kucha and just give them a kiss of modernity with a disruptive twist. Please join us for an evening of wonderful presenters and novel ideas. is pleased to have been invited to participate in the wonderful event and looks forward to an incredible evening.

Learn more about's patent-pending communications revolution here at 

Learn more about Pecha Kucha New Haven here- Pech Kucha New Haven, CT


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Health 2.0 Week, HealthCamp SFBay and Health 2.0 Conference 2010

San Francisco is celebrated world-wide for its historic architecture, multi-cultural heritage and glorious past. It has gracefully transitioned into the modern era, embracing human rights and equality, energy conservation and mass-transit and has become a de-facto mecca for technology with its valley of Silicon being ogled, and “Googled,” from both near and afar. The sanctity of that sureness advanced this week as the future of healthcare, in the form of the Health 2.0 week, stormed the Golden Gates and announced an new era of collaboration, exploration, innovation and wellness.
Never has the world seen such a conflux of disrupters, advocates, patients, technologists, writers, social media experts, investors, wizards, sages, gurus and staunch defenders of the old paradigms in an open, transparent, and international forum. They came to directly address, and begin to change, real and perceived challenges that are present within our existing healthcare system. An eclectic group of savvy cats herded by the indefatigable and prescient founders of the Health 2.0 Conferences, Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya, gathered to scratch the surface of healthcare’s future, hiss at existing inefficiencies and purr about interoperability with full access to our own data. The legacy providers were very busy, demonstrating surprising nimbleness, or were left licking their wounds in the cat box. 
The rapid and dominant ascendence of the Health 2.0 conference, now a week-long affair, into a major international healthcare event lead San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to declare it “Health 2.0 Week” in San Francisco on Friday. Saturday, cleverly maneuvering to not be outdone by Friday, included a major Health 2.0 Developer’s challenge to create useful healthcare applications while newly accessible government data. This was a clearly overreaching, shattering all boundaries and expectations, rallying the diligent disciples and vibrant visionaries of Health 2.0 technology and relative unknowns, like Google, who hosted the event. We loved the idea, the execution, the attention and the winning apps!  Unfortunately, we did not attended. It was only fitting that the ascendent to the uber-throne of healthcare application coding should be Alan Viars, of Videntity fame, who won the Health 2.0 Developer challenge.
On Wednesday, some attention switched to Kaiser’s Garfield Center in San Leandro for a very well organized and executed “unconference” called HealthCamp SFBay. Two hundred and fifty healthcare change agents converging at a world-class, world renown innovation center for a loosely structured, vibrant adventure into healthcare’s possibilities and potential. Envision a pinball machine of intriguing ideas bouncing around, setting off chain reactions of other remarkable possibilities- some leading to high scores, bright lights and high-fiving, while others spiral down to disappear out of play. A spectacular machine topped with a process as transparent as glass, where attendees may watch events unfolding as spectators, or effortlessly slip into play. A finely tuned mechanism that enable one to modify the future with a slight nudge or bump of an idea, or to abruptly end the play with a “tilt.”  Constructed on four sturdy legs of Healthcare, Technology, People and Collaboration, HealthCamp allows participants to actualize imagination in a supportive exploratory environment to gauge reaction, interest, need and potential of ideas and concepts.

“A bunch of smart cookies, cooking up some smart things” would be an accurate description.
It was now time for the main event, a scheduled two-rounder with heavyweights, lightweights, successful producers and “soon to be, too-ers.” There was hardware, software, vaporware, “some day, somewhere”, everywhere and anywhere. There were common themes and uncommon dreams, free-miums and premiums, open sourced, crowd sourced, and poorly sourced ideas in abundance. Collaborators, instigators, perpetuators, and their haters, were present as well, complaining to high heaven about our “hell”thcare hell. There were prognosticators, with their indicators and their data in tow. Trailblazers with case studies, analysis, white papers and and facts were seen frolicking with dreamers making something, for someone unknown. The were names of Fame centered on stage, many worthy of praise, alternately expecting us to provide all of our data to them, or empowering us to access our information, needed healthcare research and locating healthcare providers. Indu and Matthew did a spectacular job at harnessing the creative chaos and channeling it into a substantive program replete with sex, drugs, rock and roll and, oh yeah, a whole lot of new and actionable information. Attendees were afforded incredible access to organizers, sponsors, presenters and other attendees. Heck, you can even invite Todd Parks to participate in your demo on-stage ;-). 
Let’s call this the pre-amble, if you will. I look forward to summarizing our experiences at the Health 2 conference as soon as possible. Enjoy! And remember, talk health to me, Baby...


Saturday, August 21, 2010

When Porter Research talks...Kaiser, Mayo, Siemens, Medtronic &

A wonderful write-up by Jennifer Dennard for Porter Research entitled "Innovation: The Common Ground in the Healthcare Vendor/Provider Space" that discusses the leaders in healthcare innovation today can be found HERE . 

It explores how healthcare leaders such a Kaiser, Mayo, Siemens, Medtronic and are innovating solutions to today's, and tomorrow's, healthcare challenges.

We are proud to be nationally recognized as leaders in healthcare communications innovation by Porter Research and will continue to work with these and other leading healthcare systems to improve their real-time communication abilities. provides real-time, two-way, multi-channel communications capabilities to healthcare organizations nation-wide. Hardware agnostic communications by phone, text and email for effortless shift fulfillment, routine and emergency communication are now a reality.

We put your organization's needs into your providers hands...instantly and collaboratively.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Innovation, Kaiser's Garfield Center, & Human-Centered Design

On August 3, 2010 excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation descended upon Kaiser Permanente’s Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center in San Leandro, California cleverly disguised as an early morning group of healthcare innovators and leaders. As our invitations read, our group had assembled:
“At the Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center (Directed by the awesome Jennifer Liebermann), Kaiser Permanente's patients, doctors, nurses, architects and engineers use elements of human-centered design to improve and to innovate physical spaces, technologies and clinical operations in a unique, “movie-set” warehouse. Many of our innovations have been spread throughout Kaiser Permanente as well as to organizations nationally and internationally.” CEO Matthew Browning, RN, and approximately fifty other healthcare leaders, attended the inaugural Innovation Workshop for non-Kaiser employees. Entitled “Innovation and Improvement in Process, Space and Planning” the innovation workshop featured Human-Centered Design principles and explored Kaiser’s methodology for finding and fostering innovation in healthcare. These principles were taught to workshop participants during an intensive “two-day inaugural session that introduces our unique methodology and prototyping capabilities at the Garfield Center led by Kaiser Permanente innovators from our own Innovation Consultancy, Innovation and Advanced Technology and National Facilities departments.” The workshop was further explained as “during this highly interactive session, participants will focus on improving medication safety as a case study and actively prototype new spaces, technologies and processes that improve medication safety.” 
I am happy to say it exceeded my high expectations and proved to be a highly informative, very educational and unquestionably valuable workshop for all of the participants.
Highlights of the program included:
Experiencing first-hand how Kaiser understands their users’ needs and then ideates and prototypes new processes, spaces and technologies
Learning how we can engage end-users (patients, doctors and nurses) and how they can impact the successful spread and sustainability of innovation
Understanding how we can learn from failure and embrace it as part of our culture 
Learning how to build your own Innovation Center and process
Collaborating with other like-minded innovators on real world cases
Through expert instruction, example and interaction we were able to achieve the following learning objectives:
Understanding of human-centered design & collaboration as powerful tools for innovation
  Extrapolating case study learnings to real world problems 
Understanding of different innovation centers and their similarities and differences
Participants were engaged in learning exercises to: identify potential areas for innovation; practice brainstorming techniques to capture possibilities, learn how to group, rank and rate ideas; act out, or “bodystorm’ ideas to clarify utility; and, finally, utilize processes to encourage the adoption  or “spread” of an innovation. These ideas are summed up in the phrase “storming, forming and norming,” and are incredibly effective in facilitating a “fail quickly and cheaply” mindset that is essential to innovation prototyping. Acting out of scenarios using a new idea, product or processes should occur in “low-fidelity” mode to save time, money and effort in the beginning. “Low-fidelity” includes using items like chairs, cardboard and other inexpensive, readily available props to “simulate” the innovation. Using real life humans (our teams) to act out these scenarios in our hastily created low-fidelity simulations allowed us to quickly examine an ideas feasibility and decide to refine it or reject it immediately, or to “fail fast.”  This was an invaluable exercise and allows an organization to quickly and easily decide where it may best use its limited resources.
Everything about this workshop was world-class. We had a diverse group of widely respected professionals as facilitators, teachers, speakers and participants. The Garfield Innovation Center is exemplary setting for an innovative space that is effective and efficient. Extraordinary efforts were taken to ensure a successful program as evidenced by the smooth registration process, the convenient lodging, the delicious catering, the excellent networking event and the obvious preparation of the instructors, facilitators and collateral. Discussions about an “Advanced Innovation Workshop” and a LinkedIn community where innovators and Garfield Center “graduates” could remain in contact and contribute occurred and may lead to amazing things from incredible connected community. 
As a leading healthcare innovation technology company, was pleased to attend and participate in Kaiser’s inaugural innovation workshop and looks forward to working with progressive innovators from around the world. We anticipate Kaiser’s continued success in the fostering of innovation and await word of the LinkedIn group and Advanced Programs so we can continue to be involved. We would also like to thank the attendees at this workshop for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and experiences with us all- without you all, it would have been just another seminar...
And finally, a big THANK YOU to the tireless Kaiser crew at the Garfield Innovation Center, Collective Invention’s consultants, KP’s Innovation Consultancy Group, KP’s Innovation & Advanced Technology Group and KP’s National Facilities Group. Individual recognition must be given to Jennifer Liebermann, Christi Zuber, Chris McCarthy, Deanna Konrath, Sherry Fry, W. Scott Heisler and Kent Yoshiwara from Kaiser’s various groups and to Collective Invention’s Erika Gregory, Fiona Hovenden and Arnold Wasserman. Individually you are all awesome and as a group “You ROCK!!.” 

Thank you to all of you for sharing your wisdom, your experiences, your teaching, your friendship and your time.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Health 2.0 Goes To Washington- A summary

Health 2.0 goes to Washington was held on June 7, 2010 in Washington, DC at The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. was in attendance along with hundreds of other Health 2.0 companies, entrepreneurs, ePatients, advocates and government officials for this exciting day of events. Once again, I left a Health 2.0 event feeling as though I had learned many things, met some wonderful people and had reinforced our collective vision of quality healthcare that is available for all people.
Our “conference calculus” is always performed before we spend a single dollar of our start-up budget to attend any of the myriad events in the “healthcare space.” As CEO of it is my job to constantly introduce our company and it’s instant, 2-way, healthcare staff communications system to potential customers, possible investors, government movers and shakers and the healthcare business media. When performing our “conference calculus” on the various conferences we could attend, I am always impressed that Matthew Holt and Dr. Indu Subaiya’s Health 2.0 conferences rate so highly.
The DC event was my second Health 2.0 event, the first was in San Francisco in October 2009 when was selected to present for 3.5 minutes live on-stage to an international audience. The board of directors of, including myself, was incredulous that we would even consider buying a plane ticket, a hotel room and flying across the USA to present for a few minutes at a “newer” health conference. However, after speaking with Matthew and Indu, several previous presenters and participants, and much homework, we decided to attend. It was, without a doubt, on of the best business decisions made by our company. During a whirlwind couple of days we met corporate leaders, healthcare investors, fellow entrepreneurs, ePatients with moving stories and hundreds of people figuring out a “better way” to deliver care and participate in our healthcare system.
“Health 2.0 Goes to Washington” was all of that and much more. Connecting with old friends, meeting familiar social media faces in real life, and the magical chaos of sponsors, entreprenuers, patient advocates, ePatients and investors made for a high energy, action packed day. The addition of prominent government officials, who are striving to encourage participation in the future of healthcare design and delivery, added an official “we’ve arrived” feeling to the event. Once again, all the ingredients needed for an action packed day where present and accounted for.
The unofficial kick-off was the Tweetup held Sunday night at Vaviano’s near DuPont Circle in DC. Organized by the ever supportive Cindy Throop (@CindyThroop) and attended by Phil Baumann (@PhilBaumann or @RNChat), Trisha Torrey (@TrishaTorrey), Barbara Ficarra (@BarbaraFicarra), Carlos Rizo (@CarlosRizo), Amy Romano (@midwifeamy), Gilles Frydman (@gfry), Mark Schrimshire (@ekivemark), Francisco Grajales (@CiscoGiii) and several others was a great way to connect, reconnect and kick-off Health 2.0 Goes to Washington.
The next morning, bright and early, registration and breakfast began. I met Carol Torgan (@CTorgan) as she checked me in to the event and we both commented on the excitement in the air for the day’s events. At breakfast, we became reacquainted with old friends and made new ones. I even met the world famous investor Esther Dyson (@edyson) and said a brief “Hello.”  We then headed to the auditorium for the morning’d events which began with an introduction by Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) and Indu Subaiya   (@BlueTopaz) to ONC initiatives by the ever-helpful Wil Yu, Director of Innovation for the ONC’s Health IT program.
Then came the Health 2.0 tools showcase with presentations by Greg Fitzgerald of HealthCentral, Howard Steinberg of dLife, Ellen Baldinelli of ScanAvert, Alexandra Drane of Eliza, Mike Kirkwood of Polka, Matt Parker of DestinationRx and the inimitable Erick Von Schweber with his entertaining SurveyorHEALTH demonstration all moderated by Health 2.0 Accelerator’s Julie Murchinson.
Next up was our panel discussion “The Role of Consumers in Health 2.0” moderated by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn (@healthythinker) and included Linda Harris from the HHS, Carol Diamond of the Markle Foundation, Gordan Norman of Alere, and Trisha Torrey of It was a lively discussion about the role of consumers in healthcare with great points made by all. And to think, it was only 10 am.
Our coffee break include opportunities to see the Cisco ‘Deep Dive” with Dr. Danny Sands (@DrDannySands) or check out the exhibition hall. The WebEx for Healthcare seemed like a good idea from the Cisco Deep Dive. After this break we returned for the ‘Data drives Decisions” part of the showcase. David Hale from the National Library of Medicine showed us their amazing Pillbox software that can ID medication tablets over the phone. Hugo Stephenson showed us iGuard to notify of recalls (and gave away an Ipad), Mark Walinske explained Boundary Medical and Daniel Palestrant discussed Sermo.
A Todd Park keynote on data liberation lead to a panel discussion with Kenneth Buetow from the National Cancer Institute, Patrick Soon-Shiong the amazing Chairman of Abraxis Health and Josh Sommer of The Chordoma Foundation. All of them had remarkable stories to share and plenty of inspiration to go around. This lead to lunch.
Lunch demonstrated some of the magic that happens at a Health 2.0 event. I was in discussions with a well-known media personality about a story on, while being approached to partner with a newer firm that wants to be able to instantly communicate with their customers and, momentarily interrupting both of them, I tried for the third time that day to share what is and does with Esther Dyson. As she was hurrrying past to another important meeting, I asked her for a moment of her time to tell her what does. Mid-way through her practiced, polite brush-off she suddenly stopped, faced me full-on, squared her shoulders as she squinted her appraisal of me and said, “You’ve got 1 minute.” An entreprenuer’s dream come true! Without hesitation those hundreds and hundreds of repeated 60 second and 90 second “elevator pitches” produced a clear, precise explanation of what is and does- We help hospitals and healthcare systems contact and confirm their providers and other staff by 2-way text, phone and email communications- to put the right people in the right place at the right time.  She graciously stated, “it sounds like a great idea” and asked for my card. I gladly provided one, thanked her for her time, and said I’d be in touch and shook her hand “goodbye.” I then returned to my table of my now amazed colleagues, shook hands on exploring the partnership with our new Health 2.0 company friend, agreed to do a piece with my journalist friend and then went back to the auditorium, riding on cloud nine, and proceeded to shake hands and converse with Wil Yu from the ONC. Man!, I love these events :-)
The afternoon was a wonderful blur of new introductions, Dr. Danny Sands, Patrick Soon-Shiong, Jamie Heywood of Patients Like Me, Erik Von Schweber, Ted Eytan (@TedEytan), Regina Holliday (@reginaholliday), Gilles Frydman, David Hale (@lostonroute66), Kevin Walsh (@KWalsh30) and many more. In addition we participated in “Moving the Needle of Innovation Together” a great breakout session hosted by Wil Yu and Julie Murchinson that grouped participants together to try and brainstorm solutions to specific health 2.0 challenges. It was beneficial and enlightening and many of the participants felt we could do a full day session of just this type of problem-solving.
Back to the auditorium for an energetic keynote, the HHS announced the freeing of enormous amounts of HHS data for developers and announced a “Developer’s Challenge” that you can find out more about on the Health 2.0 website. We then had the last panel of the day with Esther Dyson, Chris Schroeder and Wil Yu that clearly summed up the day- Health 2.0’s challenges are our opportunities for business, growth, health and enlightenment. Together we can address this challenge successfully with a combination of technology and common sense.
When I do my “conference calculus” on which events to spend our marketing and education dollars, Health 2.0 events always seem to come out on top. The amazing blend of industry, government, providers, payors, patients and entrepreneurs is unrivaled, unparalleled, and undoubtably worth the time, effort and expense to attend.
To Matthew Holt, Indu Subaiya and the entire Health 2.0 crew and community, Kudos! on another job well done! and myself, Matthew Browning (@matthewbrowning) will see you in San Francisco this October!! Keep up the great work!! 


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning featured in Healthcare IT Today for Nurses' Week 2010 CEO Matthew Browning is featured in Healthcare IT Today for Nurses' Week 2010.

Mr. Browning thanks the wonderful team at Healthcare IT Today for this honor and wishes all nurses a Happy National Nurses' Week 2010!!

The article can be seen HERE

More info can be found HERE


Friday, April 23, 2010

SBIR 2010, Connecticut's Governor Jodi Rell, IntelliBlast and

An amazing second day at the national 2010 SBIR Conference in Hartford, CT through today.

Supporting Small Business Innovation and Research, The SBIR conference attracted an amazing mix of technology entrepreneurs, researchers, government officials, media and investors. Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell spoke at the luncheon and was gracious enough to meet with several attendees to intently listen to their possible solutions to existing problems and their visions for the future. Her wonderful and supportive colleagues were busy exchanging business cards and meeting with attendees.

Later in the evening the SBIR Poster Exhibit opened and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to exhibit along with dozens of other technology companies.

So far we have had an excellent time and met many wonderful folks! This is an abbreviated post because  I am running out the door to, and I never imagined I'd say this, "have a meeting with the Department of Homeland Security." SBIR is a great way to interact with our government and, possibly, do business together.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning, MSN, RN to Present the IntelliBlast Communications Platform at the National SBIR Conference in Hartford, CT on April 22, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning will present the IntelliBlast Communications Platform at The National Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) National Conference being held in Hartford, CT from April 21 to April 23, 2010.

Mr. Browning calls the IntelliBlast Communications Platform “the brains behind the beauty” of 
A sophisticated, yet easy to use, intelligent, 2-way, multi-channel communications modality that increases productivity, streamlines operations and improves outcomes, IntelliBlast has applications to any real-time business. The ability to instantly allocate a distributed workforce is just one amazing function of the IntelliBlast system, it can also instantly disperse perishable resources, initiate by human, sensor and software inputs, and can effortlessly handle and monitor your routine, emergency and continuity of operations communications.

“It is easy to see why we selected the patent-pending IntelliBlast platform as our communications engine- Instant, 2-way, intelligent and automatic- the way communications should be today, and will be in the future,” continued Browning, “the applications for the Veteran’s Administration and National Institute of Health are obvious but IntteliBlast could easily help Homeland Security, FEMA, the CDC and others respond more effectively to routine and emergency situations.”
Please stop by and visit us during the Poster Presentations on Thursday April 22, 2010 at 5:30 - 7:30 pm in Hartford, CT

More Information Here- HERE
More on Targeted Instant Communications, Inc- Click HERE
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For more info on the SBIR Conference - Click HERE
For More on Matthew Browning, CEO - Click HERE
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Thursday, April 15, 2010 CFO Phoebe Browning Receives a Connecticut Senate Citation for Entrepreneurship would like to congratulate our CFO Phoebe Browning who has been recognized with a Connecticut State Senate Citation, by Senator Bob Duff, for her activism and involvement with Connecticut’s Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC). Mrs. Browning is a leading proponent of Women’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the state of Connecticut and a proud supporter of science education for young women and girls. Phoebe also completed their ‘Fast Trac Growth Venture Entrepreneurial Training Program’ successfully. 

Congratulations Phoebe on a job well done!
The Women's Business Development Center (WBDC) is a 501 © 3 non-profit micro-enterprise development organization whose goal is to increase economic independence for women. This is accomplished through entrepreneurial education, small business training and promotion as well as access to applicable resources and support.
To learn more about WBDC


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yale HealthCare 2010 and : Healthcare Re-Formed

On the early spring morning of April 9, 2010, thousands of hours of preparations, years of healthcare experience and ideas for the future of healthcare trickled into the Omni Hotel, located in New Haven, CT, for Yale Healthcare 2010. Presented by Yale’s School of Management and titled “Re-Forming Healthcare: Excelling in a Transforming System,” it was chaired by students from The School of Management (Randi Wiggins), The School of Public Health (Diwen Chen) and The School of Medicine (Sachin Shah). It must be said that these co-chairs of the event, and their legion of student volunteers, organized an amazing event that was very well produced, kudos to the team.
Nearly 500 attendees from numerous industries arrived from their many home bases to begin the day with a healthy breakfast and some equally healthy networking. As a part of, I was excited to be there as an alumnus, an attendee and a panelist contributor and met many wonderful people in the process. A warm welcome was extended by the Yale School Of Management Dean, Sharon Oster, to get things started.  The morning keynote was delivered by the knowledgeable and witty Gail Wilensky, a senior fellow at Project Hope. Her clever insight into the recently passed ‘Health Reform Bill’ was well received by the audience, and was a great start to the day.
This lead to a quick morning break that was followed by morning breakout sessions
which can be found HERE
The session titled “#8: Financing Innovation in Healthcare” was led by Christine Gallagher of SunTrust Robinson Humphrey and Chip Skowron of Morgan Stanley. It was a well attended session that set out to determine the next “billion dollar products” in the healthcare arena, with a focus on pharmaceutical ‘innovations’, new medical devices and novel treatments. Cheap genome scanning seemed to be one of the few consensuses arrived at, with ‘nano-technologies’ in a generic sense, a close second.
Medical device advances will also be interesting to watch in the near future with joint replacements and cardiac technologies shining brightly. I wouldn’t expect to much investment from these larger firms in the popular wellness software and social media space within healthcare at this time- they seem stuck in the Big Pharma model of investing for now. Also, a disturbing sub-trend of big investors ‘chasing growth’ in developing countries with ‘huge markets’ by firms that benefit directly from US taxpayers bailouts was touched upon repeatedly. That trend could prove harmful to American healthcare innovation.
After the morning breakout sessions were finished, many lively lunchtime discussions could be heard in the Grand Ballroom. New acquaintances were made and information from the morning discussions was shared by all. After lunch was finished we transitioned into the Executive Panel discussion with Robert Galvin (General Electric), Michael Chernow (Harvard Med School), Sam Ho (UnitedHealthCare), Harlan Krumholz (Yale Med School) and Wendy Warring (CT Children’s Med Center). Having met Bob, Michael and Sam, I was looking forward to their insights and contributions. As expected, they were wonderful participants, but Harlan and Wendy were shining stars. Harlan’s encyclopedic knowledge and Wendy’s charming and fresh perspective (JD not MD) were excellent additions to the discussion. I look forward to meeting them both.

The afternoon breakout sessions can be found HERE (scroll down).
As CEO of, I was invited to participate in breakout discussion #10 titled “Front-line Providers: Increasing Supply, Incentives and Utility.” Joining me on the panel was Mary Warner from the Physician’s Associate program at Yale’s School of Medicine and Bernadette Thomas who started Community Health Center’s Nurse Practitioner Residency Program. Moderated by the wonderful Taffany Hwang, our discussion led off with Mary discussing the background of education and practice for nurse practitioners and physician’s associates as well as their current utilization and future needs. Bernadette followed with CHC’s excellent nurse practitioner residency program to transition new providers into competent practicing professionals that stay in practice. My contributions were focused on the utilization, recruitment and retention of healthcare providers. Instant allocation of a distributed workforce, flex scheduling for recruitment and retention, role transitioning and multi-generational workforces were the themes.

Below you'll find my handout for the presentation:

The audience participants had many insightful contributions, an acute awareness of the challenges we are facing and an enthusiasm to address these issues head on., as a company and myself, personally, were honored to participate in this discussion and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience.
The afternoon keynote was by Robert Galvin of GE and touched on low price point innovations, developing countries, six sigma, industrial healthcare, measurable outcomes, change management, corporate culture, bottom-line, incentives and insurance costs- for a start. The breadth of the topics exposes but a glimpse of the issues and complexities involved in ‘Re-Forming Healthcare’ and merely begins the deluge of questions about ‘Excelling in a Transforming System.’ 

Yale Healthcare 2010 was an excellent event, many were met, much was learned, and the next one remains anticipated. 
Thank you to all who contributed to and made this event a success. would like to extend a special thanks to Taffany Hwang and Mark Schlangel for all of their assistance.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning, MSN, RN will speak at Yale HealthCare 2010 on April 9, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning has been invited as a panelist at Yale HealthCare 2010 to discuss "Frontline Providers: Increasing Supply, Incentives and Utility." Mr. Browning is pleased to join such a distinguished panel to discuss the linchpin of healthcare delivery- Frontline Providers.

The interactive panel will explore the supply of providers such as doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners and nurses; incentives to encourage more providers and our current utilization and retention strategies. This panel is Breakout Session #10 in the afternoon.

Please Join us on April 9, 2010 at The Omni Hotel in New Haven, CT for a great event!

For more information click HERE!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hospitals to Review Joint Commission Standards in Wake of DC Nurse Firings

Matthew Browning, RN, MSN, CEO (3/9/2010 at 3:38 PM)

It is during the operational challenges that present themselves in an emergency situation that a facility's level of preparedness becomes evident. During any natural disaster or emergency we expect a significant percentage of 'essential staff' to be unavailable. customers have a unique advantage during these crisis situations in that they can INSTANTLY contact and confirm any replacement staff in just seconds to fill the absences and to maintain 'Continuity Of Operations.'

Full Article HERE

. photos from HIMSS10

 CEO Matthew Browning, RN, MSN and CFO Phoebe Browning, MBA putting the Mmmmm in the HIMSS10 sign in Atlanta, Georgia 2010.

 and John Shire of Blank Rome on the floor at HIMSS10 - Thanks John!

 CEO Matthew Browning, RN, MSN meets Dr. David Blumenthal at HIMSS10

 at  Health IT Venture Fair with Wil Yu of the ONC and John Shire at HIMSS10

 CEO Matthew Browning RN, MSN presenting at HIMSS10 Health IT Venture Fair!

Todd Parker, CIO of the USA and Aneesh Chopra, CTO of the USA met YNIO at HIMSS10 !

And that was HIMSS10 for in Atlanta, Georgia for March 2010


Monday, March 1, 2010

HIMSS10 is hosting on Monday 3/1/2010 - Here is our Booth #3606 is pleased to share our revolutionary healthcare communications system at HIMSS10

Here is a view from the inside 10 minutes before opening Expo doors!

HIMSS, and the HIMSS10 Health IT Venture Fair- A Review

The HIMSS10 Health IT Venture Fair was held on Sunday February 28, 2010 at the 2010 HIMSS conference in Atlanta. The event was possible due to invaluable assistance from Blank Rome, LLP and Howard Burke’s Health Law, LLC. The organizer for the show was Deborah Caruso and she did an awesome job! The event location was beautifully laid out, the morning program was informative and the new company showcase was exciting.
Held in the remote outpost of C307 at HIMSS, the event attracted a wonderful blend of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and media. The day began with a continential breakfast enjoyed during presentations on “Building Your Health IT Business” with topics such as: 
“Challenges and Creative Ideas from the Entreprenuer’s and Investor’s perspective” with an expert panel including Ned Moore, David St.Clair, Rick Toren, Jonathan Phillips, Richard Davis, Beth Cohen, Kristi Remmington and moderated by Howard Burke;
“Key Business and Legal Issues in Building a Healthcare IT Business” moderated by John Shire, and with panelists Simmi Singh, Jim Gibson, Doug Friel, Jennifer Daniels and Lenard Marcus” and, lastly, “Raising Early Stage Capital -What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know” with panelists Patti Weber, Nina Saczuk, Jim Wiseman, Bob McHugh, Rick Berberman and Stephen Krupa, once again hosted by John Shire.
The Lunch Program featured a one on one discussion between John Shire and the the Office of the National Coordinator’s Wil Yu. This discussion focused on the new transparency of the ONC, ways for entrepreneurs to interact with the ONC and some great insights about the missions and objectives of the ONC. As with the rest of the program, it was a great addition to the day and, personally, it was nice to meet such a great slate of speakers that we look forward to continuing dialogue with after HIMSS.
Twenty-one companies were selected to present during the afternoon program and was pleased to be one of them. Multiple ten minute presentations were done in succession and presenters then left the room to meet with potential investors, partners, customers and media. The amazing array of possible solutions to pressing problems in healthcare was refreshing to see, wonderful to hear and even better to be a part of. The hosts were gracious, the sponsors appropriate and the attendees were insightful and participated in meaningful ways.
The HIMSS10 Health IT Venture fair was a success, hundreds were in attendance and the consensus was it was an excellent way to begin HIMSS10. offers a well earned ‘thank you’ and ‘kudos’ to the events organizers, sponsors, presenters, panelists, attendees and all presenting companies. We were proud to be selected to participate and present, and we look forward to next year’s event!
Now off to HIMSS10 for the Monday opening day, we hope to see you there! has a booth, #3606,  on 3/1/10 ONLY! in building “C”- come on down and say “Hi.”  We look forward to meeting you and hearing your stories :-) CEO, Matthew Browning, is available for discussions, interviews and meetings- email for more info- THANKS!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 Selected to Present at HIMSS10 Health IT Venture Fair 2/28/2010 in Atlanta, GA CEO Matthew Browning is pleased to announce that has been selected to present at the HIMSS10 Health IT Venture Fair in Atlanta, GA on February 28, 2010. helps hospitals and healthcare facilities instantly contact and confirm their staff by 2-way text, phone and email to save thousands of hours and millions of dollars. would like to congratulate all selectees and looks
 forward to meeting everyone at HIMSS10

HIMSS10 Atendees- Please feel free to contact our CEO in advance of HIMSS10 to arrange to arrange meetings, demonstrations and interviews- or for more information- at or on- LinkedIn

Learn more about the HIMSS 10 Health IT Venture Fair - HERE


Thursday, January 28, 2010 CFO Phoebe Browning at 2010 'Women of Innovation' Awards on Fox News

Congratulations Phoebe!! supports women in technology and advocates for increased math, science and engineering education opportunities for our young women!!! Good Job Phoebe!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010 Congratulates CFO Phoebe Browning And Wishes Her Good Luck at Tonight's 2010 'Women of Innovation' Awards! congratulates CFO Phoebe Browning and wishes her the best of luck at tonight's 2010 'Women of Innovation" awards. All of tonight's nominees are exceptional women and we are proud to have Phoebe amongst them. Phoebe has been instrumental in bringing from a mere conceptual inkling to a full fledged healthcare staff communications powerhouse. Her expertise, dedication, intuition and leadership have been instrumental in the success of, and we are honored to have her as an integral part of our team.

Learn more about tonight's event CTC 2010 Women of Innovation

We would like to thank the Connecticut Technology Council for their tireless work supporting technology companies in Connecticut.

Learn more here-  Connecticut Technology Council


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Donna Cardillo and 'Nursing Connections' Spotlight CEO Matthew Browning RN, MSN

What do you say when one of the most well-respected names in the Nursing profession spotlights your CEO as their lead-off Entrepreneur Spotlight for 2010 the "International Year of the Nurse"??

You say "Thanks Donna!" to Donna Cardillo, RN a tireless advocate for nurses around the world- and then you subscribe to her her wonderful 'Nursing Connections' Newsletter:

You can read the entire Newsletter here- Nursing Connections Jan 2010

and you can Learn more about Donna Cardillo here- Cardillo & Associates

Sunday, January 10, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning, MSN, RN to Present at New York City Health 2.0 Meetup on January 13, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning, MSN, RN to present at the New York City Health 2.0 Meetup on January 13, 2010. 

As the kick-off presentation for 2010 for NYC's Health 2.0 Meetup, will present their award-winning Healthcare Staff Communications System to New York City!

Join the Meetup Group or just come on by to see the "next thing" in healthcare communications. helps Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Nursing Agencies contact AND confirm their healthcare providers, and other staff, INSTANTLY- by two-way text, email, and phone communications. increases your channels of communication, your reach and your chances of finding the right nurse, for the right shift, right now- where THEY are. simplifies finding staffing coverage, communicating with your organization and demonstrating compliance with our easy, and thorough reporting. 

Resolve, for 2010, to hang-up on calling staff one at a time, and you'll have a Happier New Year!

We can do over 8 hours of calling in under 40 minutes and add two-way text and email channels to your instant communications needs.

To learn more about the NYC Meetup please go HERE

RSVP! We look forward to seeing YOU there!!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year to all of our families, friends, staff, customers, vendors and investors!

We would like to take a moment to thank all of our families. friends, staff, customers, vendors and investors for you all you have done this past year and to wish ALL OF YOU the very best year that 2010 can be.

We have achieved many milestones this year and are prepared to help many more clients during this coming year.

We have achieved international recognition, incredible market awareness and acceptance, done demonstrations nationwide, participated in major events, been mentioned in prominent media and helped many wonderful clients. None of this would have been possible without you all!

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients, respond to their needs, solve challenges together and to continue to build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, vendors, investors and staff.

Happy New Year!


From all of us at

Matthew Browning- President