Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Staff Communications During Flu Outbreaks with YourNurseIsOn.com

Many of our clients have expressed concern about how to contact their staff with important information or to fill mass illness-related callouts during this disconcerting flu season.

What would you do if faced with 5-10 callouts when walking in the door?? That 2-10 hours of work can be handled in under 15 minutes with YourNurseIsOn.com

How do you notify 1000 employees that there are known cases of "Swine Flu" in your facility, warn pregnant women to stay away, or request all personnel bring their protective equipment ?? YourNurseIsOn.com can notify ALL OF THEM in minutes and require a confirmation response, if needed, for your compliance records.

Calling healthcare staff, one at a time, by telephone, is NOT an efficient way to handle your hospital or healthcare facility's communications any longer.

YourNurseIsOn.com - Click. Contact. Confirm.

Rethinking Staff Communications

As seen on Fox 61 News, Hartford, CT  HERE!

Please contact us for a free demonstration  MBrowning@YourNurseIsOn.com

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