Sunday, January 10, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning, MSN, RN to Present at New York City Health 2.0 Meetup on January 13, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning, MSN, RN to present at the New York City Health 2.0 Meetup on January 13, 2010. 

As the kick-off presentation for 2010 for NYC's Health 2.0 Meetup, will present their award-winning Healthcare Staff Communications System to New York City!

Join the Meetup Group or just come on by to see the "next thing" in healthcare communications. helps Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Nursing Agencies contact AND confirm their healthcare providers, and other staff, INSTANTLY- by two-way text, email, and phone communications. increases your channels of communication, your reach and your chances of finding the right nurse, for the right shift, right now- where THEY are. simplifies finding staffing coverage, communicating with your organization and demonstrating compliance with our easy, and thorough reporting. 

Resolve, for 2010, to hang-up on calling staff one at a time, and you'll have a Happier New Year!

We can do over 8 hours of calling in under 40 minutes and add two-way text and email channels to your instant communications needs.

To learn more about the NYC Meetup please go HERE

RSVP! We look forward to seeing YOU there!!


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