Friday, April 23, 2010

SBIR 2010, Connecticut's Governor Jodi Rell, IntelliBlast and

An amazing second day at the national 2010 SBIR Conference in Hartford, CT through today.

Supporting Small Business Innovation and Research, The SBIR conference attracted an amazing mix of technology entrepreneurs, researchers, government officials, media and investors. Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell spoke at the luncheon and was gracious enough to meet with several attendees to intently listen to their possible solutions to existing problems and their visions for the future. Her wonderful and supportive colleagues were busy exchanging business cards and meeting with attendees.

Later in the evening the SBIR Poster Exhibit opened and we were fortunate to have the opportunity to exhibit along with dozens of other technology companies.

So far we have had an excellent time and met many wonderful folks! This is an abbreviated post because  I am running out the door to, and I never imagined I'd say this, "have a meeting with the Department of Homeland Security." SBIR is a great way to interact with our government and, possibly, do business together.


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