Wednesday, April 21, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning, MSN, RN to Present the IntelliBlast Communications Platform at the National SBIR Conference in Hartford, CT on April 22, 2010 CEO Matthew Browning will present the IntelliBlast Communications Platform at The National Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) National Conference being held in Hartford, CT from April 21 to April 23, 2010.

Mr. Browning calls the IntelliBlast Communications Platform “the brains behind the beauty” of 
A sophisticated, yet easy to use, intelligent, 2-way, multi-channel communications modality that increases productivity, streamlines operations and improves outcomes, IntelliBlast has applications to any real-time business. The ability to instantly allocate a distributed workforce is just one amazing function of the IntelliBlast system, it can also instantly disperse perishable resources, initiate by human, sensor and software inputs, and can effortlessly handle and monitor your routine, emergency and continuity of operations communications.

“It is easy to see why we selected the patent-pending IntelliBlast platform as our communications engine- Instant, 2-way, intelligent and automatic- the way communications should be today, and will be in the future,” continued Browning, “the applications for the Veteran’s Administration and National Institute of Health are obvious but IntteliBlast could easily help Homeland Security, FEMA, the CDC and others respond more effectively to routine and emergency situations.”
Please stop by and visit us during the Poster Presentations on Thursday April 22, 2010 at 5:30 - 7:30 pm in Hartford, CT

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